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Managed IT

Pit Crew provides an array of essential IT management services, including PC Management, Server Management, Network Management, and Virtual CIO services.

Cloud Services

Working in the Cloud frees you to request access to applications through Pit Crew and its partners only when you need them, saving you thousands.

Backup and Recovery

Your business data changes every minute of every day. What would happen if you lost all of your e-mails, proposals, and business data - from even one day?

Business Phone Systems

Phone communication is one of the most critical aspects of a business's technology portfolio. This is why we have partnered with the best to provide our IP Telephony services.

Structured Cabling

Cabling is the lifeline of your IT network, transmitting the voice, data, and video signals you depend on each day for your critical business activities.

IT Project Services

Pit Crew understands that investing in your organization's IT infrastructure can be an intimidating endeavor. We believe in a straightforward 4-step approach to IT Projects...